Infamous Local Fest 2019
8:00 PM20:00

Infamous Local Fest 2019

The inaugural Infamous Local Fest, a joint effort between Half-Stack Sessions and Tone Madison, showcases a variety of music from the Madison area and features a series of workshops aimed at giving musicians some practical help for building stronger communities. The hope is that people will come away from it with things they can use, from bystander-intervention skills to some actual merch for their bands. It starts out on Friday night at The Winnebago with a varied music showcase. Queer-punk duo Gender Confetti will be headlining that event in the wake of their recent debut album, We're Gay. Mineral Point's own Leslie Damaso will be opening the show up with her interpretations of the genre of Filipino art songs known as Kundiman, and the innovative Madison band Mr. Chair will be performing with her. In between, one of Madison's most accomplished DJs, Quinley, will be spinning an expertly curated mix of techno and house, and Madison band LINE will perform a set of its catchy but contemplative songs.

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Mr. Chair & Leslie Damaso
7:30 PM19:30

Mr. Chair & Leslie Damaso

Mr. Chair is a multi-genre group from Madison, Wisconsin that plays a mix of rock, jazz, modern classical and contemporary improv-based styles. Their musical explorations over the last few years include a diversity of original compositions, re-imaginings of iconic classical works such as Stravinsky's Pulcinella, serving as the “house band” for university lectures on cosmology and collaborations with dancers, visual artists, and hip hop/spoken word artists.

Now, they are bringing their futuristic multi-genre twist to 19th century songs of the Philippines called kundiman with vocalist Leslie Damaso.

Ben Ferris, bass
Mark Hetzler, trombone
Michael Koszewski, percussion
Jason Kutz, keyboard

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