Leslie is a versatile artist and is comfortable with a variety of genres. Her first album “Chained to the World” is a collection of music by the inimitable Tom Waits. Past performances have taken her as far as Russia and Italy. Local venues include the Madison World Music Festival, a concert of kundiman (Philippine art songs) at the Overture Center, chamber music in private venues and places such as the Mineral Point Opera House and the Unitarian Society.  She has performed as a solo artist at Taliesin and as a choir member and soloist with the Rural Musician’s Forum. Once in awhile, you might spot her playing at a local café or wine bar and even out on the streets.




Recent projects include a translation of the first ever printed kundiman and calligraphy of the Philippine pre-colonial script called Baybayin in the soon to be published Surat magazine, a writing collaboration and premiere of Tagalog and English songs with Chicago composer, Wes Alexander, arranging and performing  music for Eve Studnicka’s documentary, “Of Some Fair Place”, and her first published poetry in Tagalog in a book “Not Our Kind” by Alliteration Ink.

She received her classical music training from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.


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Besides teaching and performing, Leslie is an ardent promoter of the Driftless Region through the Driftless Appetite website. Her writing and photography have also been featured in publications by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Voice of the River Valley, The Kitchn, and the CSA Fairshare Coalition’s cookbook.

Leslie is passionate about her community and supports many organizations and people in the arts, music and education. She travels extensively and is insatiable in her curiosity of food, nature, and people.